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Local Parent/Children's Support Groups/Community Groups

London Borough of Bexley's Autism Advisory Service

Parent Drop-in Service - Wednesday 28 February - 10 am to 12 pm

Autism Champions - Wednesday 28 February - 2 pm to 4 pm

Youth Action Diversity Trust

Youth Action Diversity Trust (or YADT as they are better known) focus on encouraging youth and family engagement and participation in activities and learning across the Bexley Borough, whilst ensuring that everything they do is inclusive and a whole lot of fun! Please click here for details.

From YADT 'Being a young person in today’s world is challenging and here at YADT, we understand that some young people need a little extra support to help them get a positive start in life or overcome obstacles along the way.

We work with young people and their families to understand Autism and ADHD behaviours, helping them to develop strategies for a calmer family life. We help young people with the difficulties that affect them, these can be a number of issues such as anger management, social anxiety, improving confidence, enhancing communication and dealing with stress and loss.

Our friendly support service is for young people aged 5 to 17 years and can be delivered as one-to-one support or family support sessions. We charge £40 per session for this behavioural support and all our meetings take place at the North Cray Neighbourhood Centre, in Sidcup, which is neutral ground for most families.' 


 Youth Action Diversity Trust - March 2024 ADHD and Autism Courses

Please find attached information about two courses that  our YADT Behavioural Support Service are running in March.

Time Out for Parents: Children with Special Needs: ADHD - click here for parent leaflet

Life with a child with ADHD can be frustrating and overwhelming. This course will help you meet the daily challenges and channel your child’s energy into positive areas. You’ll understand more about ADHD and the reasons behind your child’s behaviour.

Session Titles:

  1. Understanding ADHD
  2. What is attention?
  3. What is hyperactivity and Impulsivity

The dates for the 3 week course include:

  • Wednesday 13th March 10am to 1pm
  • Wednesday 20th March 10am to 1pm
  • Wednesday 27th March 10am to 1pm

This is what some of our parents had to say after completing the course:

  • ‘Feel more confident to use the tools given, some have already made a difference!’
  • ‘Very good course, well taught, very knowledgeable tutors, focussed on real life examples.’
  • ‘Very interesting. Dynamic. Professional!’
  • ‘Informative, relaxed and informal. Very supportive atmosphere and non-threatening environment’.
  • ‘Well delivered course, great tutors!’
  • ‘Really worthwhile and beneficial’.
  • ‘Discussions and easy going facilitators were great at making you feel at ease’.
  • ‘Fantastic for meeting other parents and learning about the ‘ADHD Brain’. Positive strategies and came away feeling in control!’
  • ‘I was looking forward to doing the course, even after a hard day at work. It was so good to do this!’
  • ‘I liked the open atmosphere, encouraging questions and discussions during the course. Nobody felt they had stupid questions and their comments were acknowledged and validated, as appropriate.’
  • ‘Useful techniques and skills learnt in a non-judgemental environment,’


Time Out for Parents: Children with Special Needs: Autism

What is autism and what causes it? The course will give you hope as you understand more about ASD, how it affects your child and how you can work with their unique personality and abilities.

 The Sessions titles:

  1. Understanding ASD and the ASD World
  2. Understanding and managing behaviour
  3. Understanding and managing challenging behaviour

 The dates for the 3 week course include:

  • Thursday 14th March  10am to 1pm
  • Thursday 21st March  10am to 1pm
  • Thursday 28th March  10am to 1pm

 This is what some of our parents had to say after completing the course:

  • ‘Gary was brilliant at explaining and breaking down issues into bite sized chunks’
  • ‘This course can relate to most children’
  • ‘I have already recommended this course!’
  • ‘Very helpful in understanding the ‘why’ behind your child’s behaviour’
  • ‘I’ve learned so much that I feel I can support my children and wife in a way that I could not before’
  • ‘Do it!’
  • ‘The information is so valuable’

Both courses are held at the North Cray Neighbourhood Centre, 1 Davis Way, Sidcup DA14 5DF – there is a free carpark.

Both courses cost £60 per person or £100 for a couple.

YADT Information Sheets 2024 (updated March 2024)

 YADT ADHD Behavioural Support Service 2024

YADT Anger Management Behavioural Support Service 2024

YADT Autism Behavioural Support Service 2024

YADT Behavioural Support Service Leaflet 2024

YADT Social Anxiety Behavioural Support Service 2024

Bexley Information, Advice & Support Service (IASS) 

IASS is an impartial & confidential service offering information, advice and support to parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and young people with SEND up to 25 years.  Click here for details.

Bexley Moorings

Do you have responsibility for a child or young person?  Bexley Moorings can offer practical advice. Click here for details.