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Parking and Road Safety Concerns

Pupil Safety and Dark Nights

In October we set the clocks back an hour and summer time ends. Road traffic collisions increase by 20% in the fortnight after the time change. Sadly, some of those collisions will involve child pedestrians and cyclists. Children under-16 are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users.

The latest available government statistics (2015)* show that 58% of children who die or are seriously injured in a road collision are involved in incidents between 3 and 7pm. From next Sunday, much of those will happen in darkness.

Whilst younger children are at risk, the data shows that 11 - 15 year olds are actually at more at risk from accidents that kill or result in serious injury.

The resources below will help remind children, especially teenagers, about road safety and safe cycling.

Teaching Road Safety: A Guide for Parents

Safety First – Cycling at Night

Teaching road safety: guide for educators

Road safety teaching resources for children

Be Bright, Be Seen Poster

Child Accident Prevention Trust

*Facts on Child Casualties (June 2015)

Parking Issues

considerate car use october 2020.pdf

Parents are regularly reminded to park in a safe, legal and considerate way in the roads surrounding the school.

To report illegally parked vehicles local residents should contact Bexley Council Parking Services.  This can be done by visiting Bexley Council's 'My Bexley' site.

Details of Parking Services from the London Borough of Bexley website 

Tel: 020 3045 3000