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Starting Secondary School - September 2025

Local Secondary School Events

Beths Open Events 2024


Parent meeting presentation - 8 May 2024

starting secondary school 2025 presentation for parents final.pdf


Bexley Selection Test 2024

Registration for the 2024 Bexley Selection Test will open on Wednesday 1 May, and close at midnight on Friday 31 May, for children due to start secondary school in September 2025. We cannot accept late registrations.

It is anticipated that the test will be held between 9 and 12 September, with the exact dates to be confirmed.

The grammar schools in Bexley are Beths Grammar School (boys), Bexley Grammar School (mixed), Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School (mixed), and Townley Grammar School (girls).

To be considered for a place at a grammar school within the London Borough of Bexley through the coordinated secondary application process, your child must achieve the selective standard in the selection test held at the beginning of Year 6.

 Register for the secondary selection test | London Borough of Bexley

 Information for parents | London Borough of Bexley

 Special arrangements for children with special or additional needs or disabilities | London Borough of Bexley

Kent Selection Tests



Registration for the Kent Test for children due to start secondary school in September 2025 opens on Monday 3 June 2024 and closes at midnight on Monday 1 July 2024. We cannot accept late registrations.


This year, the test will take place on Thursday 12 September 2024 for pupils in Kent primary schools, and on the weekend of Saturday 14 September 2024 for other pupils.


The results will be sent on Thursday 17 October 2024.

Medway Test: 11+




Registrations must be submitted between 20 May and 14 June 2024.

Late registrations after the closing date cannot be considered.