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Our School Governors

Hurst Primary School’s governing body is made up of around a dozen governors who represent the school’s staff, parents and the community.  All governors are appointed directors by the Academy. So that you can get to know your governing body a little more, individual governors have provided some information about themselves.

Stacy Bailey (Staff Governor)

Stacy Bailey joined the governing body in early 2020.  She has lived in the local area all her life and has been a member of staff at Hurst for the last 7 years.  Stacy has taught in both key stages and is an active member of the staff and children's well-being committees.  Before her teaching career, Stacy worked for a marketing company in the city.  She hopes this background together with her role as a teacher at Hurst will be of benefit to Hurst's team of Governors. 

Term of office 21/1/20 – 20/1/2028

Carole Farley (Community Governor)

Carole has been involved in Hurst school through Albany Park Baptist church and for the past 14 years of coming into the school to teach the RE Christianity syllabus to the pupils. 

She is keen to develop her involvement in Hurst school by supporting the teachers and pupils. 

Term of Office - 22/03/22 to 21/03/26

Melissa Hunt (Parent Governor)

Melissa Hunt has been a parent at Hurst since 2018 and has two children currently attending the school.

Melissa has spent her career to date in a number of product, customer and trading positions within the insurance industry.

Melissa advocates flexible and part time working, acting as co-lead for her organisation’s Working Families Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Term of Office - 12/11/2020 to 11/11/2024


Noel Lake (Community Governor)

Term of Office - 31/01/2024 - 30/01/2028


Carmel Longley (Head Teacher - Accounting Officer)

Term of Office - 01/09/2020 - 31/08/2028


Kim Marshall (Parent Governor)

Kim Marshall has been a parent at Hurst since 2016, with two children at the school and is a former pupil herself.

Kim now works as a primary school supply teacher and also volunteers as a befriender for Family Lives, working with families with children under 5.

Term of Office - 12/11/2020 to 11/11/2024


Claire Mortimer (Deputy Head Teacher - Staff Governor)

As a former Hurst pupil herself, Claire was delighted to join the staff in September 2009, having already taught at another Bexley Primary school for five years.  She joined the governing body in 2017, having had experience of being a governor at her previous school.  Claire has two young children, her son William is now a Hurst pupil himself and is very much enjoying being part of the Hurst community.  

Term of office 11/1/21 - 12/1/2025


Kerry Pecover (Community Governor (appointed))

Kerry is a former Hurst parent with both of her children now at secondary school. Whilst her sons were attending Hurst, she spent ten years holding various committee positions on the Parents' Association and volunteered as a reader with the children. She has previously worked in support roles in schools and is currently an exam invigilator at two local secondary schools. 

Kerry hopes her experiences will serve her well in supporting the children, parents and staff within Hurst Primary.

Term of office 16/1/2023 - 15/1/2027

Charlotte Sharp (Community Governor (appointed))

Charlotte Sharp has been a parent at Hurst since 2007, with her three children completing their time at Hurst and now at secondary school. She was been an active member of the Parents’ association for 10 years.

Charlotte is a self employed counsellor, working with adults and children, as well as a family support worker in a Kent primary school.

Term of office 13/10/1 - 12/10/2025

Warren Valentine (Community Governor (appointed))

Warren grew up locally and is keen to ensure all students grow up with the best possible education. He has worked in  education since 2012 and currently leads departments in the secondary sector.

Term of Office - 30/01/19 to 29/01/2027


Alidamari Van Heerden (Parent Governor)

Amy has been a parent at Hurst since 2018 and has two children currently attending the school. She has been in the financial industry for most of her career with her current role in the Strategy team covering Global Banking.

She is passionate about promoting creativity and out of the box thinking and believes that these skills should be encouraged at a young age.

Term of Office - 19/10/21 to 18/10/25


Kathryn Phillips (Community Governor (appointed))

Kathryn lives in the Bexley area, and is currently a civil servant. She has a strong interest in governance, and is keen to build on this experience in her role at Hurst. 

Term of Office - 18/03/22 to 17/03/26

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